Published on October 22nd, 2014 | by RB Team

River Surfing Tricknology

Is this the future of river surfing? Ok, it’s a flow-rider wave, but there is absolutely no reason why some of these tricks wont work in a river wave. Notice the backflip, the heel-flip and all the other neat skate tricks. Who’s in for a challenge? Already excited to see some of these gems in Munich, Cunovo, Boise, Missoula and elsewhere!

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  • Jacob Kelly

    Floating rail grind! Challenge to the river surfing world. Build something that will float down the river you can grind. Who know what will grow out form that!!!

    • Riverbreak Magazine

      Rad idea, it could be something similar like we know from wakeboarding. It needs to float and be lighter of course, but that could be a start for building a floating rail … it won’t be long and we’ll see something like this. And if not, we just do it ourselves :)

      • Jacob Kelly

        This is the kind of thing we can only learn from doing… not chatting about it, lol!!!

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