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Spiral Cord River Surf Leash 5ft/6mm by B Accessories

There are a number of factors to consider when choosing the right leash for your board. B Accessories ( has done a great job and freed river surfers from that burden of choice.

The Spiral Cord Leash 5ft by B Accessories is a brand new gadget specifically tailored for river surfers. The idea of the spiral cord: less drag gives you less resistance in the water. The spiral cord of this 5ft leash allows faster gliding and higher airs. Though the leash is not limited to river surfing, it’s the first leash which takes into account the special needs of river surfers.

Like any other leash, the B Accessories’ leash saves you from a long swim, unless you’re fancy paddling down the river for miles. Also, the spiral cord prevents your leash from getting tangled around the sometimes scary stuff (trees, branches) that floats down the river, especially after heavy rainfalls and floods (in other words: “at river surfers’ big wave time”).

Some river surf spots are equipped with ropes (mounted on a bridge spanning the river) which could easily get tangled around the leash — a serious risk which could catch surfers in the wave or currents, leaving them little chance to escape (except by pulling the release strap). Thanks to the spiral cord, this leash minimises the risk of getting caught inside the wave. Also, the spiral cord benefits more advanced river surfers as it is less intrusive (dreaded leg wrap problem) and as such allows for more agility when performing tricks and faster turns.

B Accessories Spiral Cord Leash
  • Padded EVA strap
  • Large quick release ring
  • Double swivel
  • Railsaver
  • Length: 5ft
  • Thickness: 6mm spiral cord
Get your river leash either at B Accessories or Blue Tomato

B Accessories 5 ft River Surf Leash at B Accessories Online Shop

B Accessories 5ft River Surf Leash at Blue Tomato

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