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Published on February 14th, 2018 | by RB Team

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Here Come The RUNTS: Surfboards Made For The River

KB is a river surf pioneer and creator of Strongwater. He started building surfboards in the basement of Strongwater Surf Shop in Missoula, Montana, dedicating his life to what he calls “surfing the earth”. Over the past months KB has immersed himself deep in the heart of surf culture in California, shaping and fine-tuning the RUNT with industry legends. He’s now super proud to announce the new Cali RUNT – the swiss army knife of river surfboards. Let’s hear why KB is so psyched about the new series and how you can get your own Cali RUNT to make sure you are dialled for spring!

KB, What led you to become a shaper?

I really believe I was born to shape surfboards. It’s a calling. I see the boards finished before starting. Being an athlete that desires progression, life time in board sports plus my knowledge of river wave / river dynamics really inspired me to start. Looking back though I could feel it my entire life.

What is the shaping philosophy at Strongwater?

Leave it in the hands of the surfers.

What is it like being one of the few river surfboard shapers in the industry?

It’s sweet I have zero creative boundaries or influences. I have no idols or anything whom I’m trying to be or create. I can just create boards that work.

More and more rivers surfers are riding Strongwater surfboards. Why do your boards appeal to river surfers so much?

Strongwater Surfboards connect to surfers. Yes we started in the river but we connect to ocean surfers also. The boards start with me and for me it’s all about surfing and respect for the people and water, only reason I’m doing this period. So if you surf that is respectable and you relate to it, doesn’t matter where you surf. The design also is appealing, makes sense, simple but has lots of style. It’s been really cool to see the attention it has received here in the ocean. Just good timing with the way ocean surfing is progressing also with wave riding styles, airs and thinking outside the box.

KB from Strongwater living his dream

You have been surfing and shaping in Cali all winter and learning from the industry’s best. Tell us something about your time in Cali, and why Cali?

Weather, Women and the Weed like Biggie said … No JK. I came to Cali because of progression and desire to take Strongwater Surfboards to a new level. I’m in the heart of surf industry and there is so much history here. Even though I’m doing my thing, I have ton of respect for surfing and its history. Many legends have been through the factory creating at one time. The dudes I’m working with have made a life of it, so I learn and feel inspired just being in the factory. The energy and being here progressing my craft, it’s perfect. It all starts with respect whether you are in the water or shaping bay. Thankful. Honestly I didn’t try to come here either, it just happened. Thats the cool stuff about Strongwater it’s real, it’s my life and not something I’m trying to do. It’s in my soul the universe literally called me here and I’m pretty sure I lived here in a past life.

How does the Cali series RUNT differ from the other RUNT models?

The Cali Runts come in 4 sizes. They are still hand made. However, instead of me shaping each board start to finish like in Montana, the boards are ruff cut by a CNC machine. I then finish shape the boards and pass them off to some of the best glassers and sanders in the world.

What makes the Cali RUNT the perfect river surfboard?

The design of the board makes it perfect. It performs on so many different wave types. The characteristics of the board also translate to all skill levels. If you rip and want to do big airs it does that. If you are learning and need stability it has that. The thing is trippy – slashes or toes on the nose it does it all.

The Cali RUNT river surfboard

What level of surfer would go for a Cali RUNT and why?

All levels … no joke!

What type of fin setup do you recommend with the Cali RUNT?

We put 5 fin boxes on the Runt so all options are available. For most river waves we ride thruster with a thumb drive as trailer fin. You get good speed plus balanced feel with that set-up. But really it comes down to the surfers, ability, style and wave.

Is the Cali RUNT a limited series?

No, Strongwater Surfboards all ship from Southern California now. This is where Surfboards come from. Getting started in Montana was awesome but this is the heart of surfing and were called here.

Spring is just around the corner and people will refresh their quiver for this season. How can the Cali RUNT be ordered? or

How can river surfers in Europe get their Cali RUNT?


What sizes and colours are available for the Cali RUNT?

Factory board models are clean and clear with black logos. Boards come in 4 sizes: 5’0 – 5’4 – 5’8 – 6’0 all the tech specs are available at We can also custom build any size, color, materials or graphics.

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