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Published on January 18th, 2013 | by PhilK

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A Question of Etiquette: Is it Safe to Pee in your Suit?

How many surfers pee in their suits? Common belief says 90% of all surfers do it, 10% lie about it. No matter to which group you belong, you may have wondered if urine damages your wetsuit.

According to John Hubbard (Billabong) it’s perfectly safe to let it flow from time to time. Just be sure to rinse your suit before climbing up the riverbank — otherwise you will risk social exclusion while queuing for your next ride. On the other hand, the line up may get shorter. Apart from the smell, urine is perfectly safe as it’s sterile and can even be used to clean wounds.

When returning home, be sure to give the lower body area a special treatment while rinsing your suit. If you are really serious about cleaning, use mild detergent and rinse it in warm water, then hang your wetsuit in a cool, dry place.

So, if the smell doesn’t bother you, just do it.

Photo: GrahamMcCann via flickr.com

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