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Win Free Tickets to “KEEP SURFING”

KEEP SURFING really has become an audience favourite. The movie, directed by Björn Richie Lob, gives an intriguing but also entertaining view on our sport and sub-culture.

The IMDb concludes that KEEP SURFING is “a fascinating look at Munich’s legendary river-surfing community, a group of six very different characters who all share a passion for going against the flow. The movie is an ode to individual freedom and to the people who’ve achieved happiness on a river wave, where they can go against the flow and find their place in life.”

Win 2 Free Tickets

Thanks to Björn, Riverbreak has the opportunity to give away 2 free tickets for the public viewing on August 6 in Munich. Simply enter the draw by filling out the form below:

KEEP SURFING Cast / Surfers

Meet these living legends in KEEP SURFING:

  • Dieter Deventer
  • Steffen Dittrich
  • Mark Steffan Gassner
  • Markus Knörringer
  • Florian Kummer
  • Carsten Kurmis
  • Elijah Mack
  • Matthias Ramoser
  • Quirin Rohleder
  • Gerhard Schlegel
  • Kelly Slater
  • Walter Strasser

Event Details

August 6, Seebühne / Westpark, Munich
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Phil is a passionate riversurfer based in the capital of urban hydro power, Graz / Austria. He graduated from the International University for Riversurfing (IUR) in 2008 before he got married (to PhilK) in 2009. Instead of children, they gave birth to the probably most awesome riversurfing magazine on the planet: Riverbreak.

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