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Published on June 22nd, 2013 | by Jacob Kelly Quinlan

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Payette River Games: Elite Class Results

Another incredible day at the PRGs, the grounds here at Kelly’s whitewater park are lighting up with Aloha! We just enjoyed a world class display of river surfing by athletes form around the world.  Each competitor was faced with a challenging wave and stepped up to show this crowd just how sexy river surfing can be! We saw a lot of big carves, air time, sick spray, and a friendly competitive spirit. What’s more is an event that really showcased river surfing on the world’s stage.

Now for the winners:

Best Carve ($500) – Cameron Fuller

Cameron has a sick laid out style that really impressed the judges. This was a close call between Cameron and Chris Peterson but Cam’s consistent snowboard styley moves where just what the judges were looking for.

Cameron Fuller winning the Best Carve category

Best Snap ($500) - Tao Schirrmacher

Tao’s style blew the un-expecting judges away today! Tao’s quick turns and aggressive style came through on a Best Snap ride that brought cheers to the crowd.

Tao Schirrmacher winning the Best Snap category

Best Air ($500) - Evan Chess

Idaho local and home favourite had some great all around surfing today but his ability to link turn after turn into huge airs is what brought home the prize money for Evan.

Evan Chess winning the Best Air category

Best Spin ($500) - Gerry Schlegel

Gerry’s controlled style was unmatched in a wave this turbulent. Gerry took the prize with an incredible 180 spin to 180 out .

Gerry Schlegel winning the Best Spin category

Best Overall ($500) - Paul Günther

Paul’s aggressive, go hard or go home, attitude was by far the crowd favourite! Although Paul was not able to connect some of the bigger moves he attempted he clearly came to Kelly’s to shred!

Paul Günther winning the Best Overall category

For Women’s Competitors:

Best Snap ($500) – Val Schieper
Best Carve ($500) – Kiley Zanecki

Special Mention:

Chris Peterson – Great all around surfing and a close second in multiple categories.
Paul Primus – Smooth style and great airs.

Another special announcement is Mark and Christina at Kelly’s Whitewater Park announced they will be sponsoring Derek Rabelo.

Stoke and Flow,
Jacob Kelly

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