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Published on August 24th, 2017 | by Jacob Kelly Quinlan

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River Surf Summit 2017

Ready to make river surf history? Attend the River Surf Summit in Bend, Oregon on October 7th.

If you are part of a wave building project or want to surf in your hometown – register for the morning sessions to get a step by step guide to wave building. Already in a community with river surfers? Register for the afternoon and participate in presentations and discussions that will shape the future of our sport.

If You Love River Surfing, Be There!

There are no details confirmed yet but here is what you can expect:

  • Morning: Wave building workshop hosted by Surf Anywhere with lots of value for those looking to build waves
  • Afternoon: Will be geared towards community building, so events, surf comps etc. (essentially a mix of speakers and discussions)
  • In the evening there will be a social, free flow conversation with beers

Details and Registration

River Surf Summit 2017
October 7th
Bend, Oregon

The whole summit will run from 8:00am to 9:00pm. Registration fees help make the summit happen, covering the cost of room rental, food, gifts for presenters, other logistical/admin stuff and goodies.

Go put your name on the mailing list if you are interested in helping shape the future or river surfing in North America:

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Jacob Kelly Quinlan

A founding member of the Surf Anywhere Project, Jacob loves exploring new waves, meeting stoked river surfers, and hopes to make it easier to surf anywhere in the world. Beyond that, Jacob's passion is community and is a pioneer of river surfing culture.

  • seal morgan

    I’m going. It’s only about a 6 hour drive from here. See ya all there! Hope there’s a cheap motel room somewhere but I’m bringing a sleeping bag just in case…and my twinnie and wetsuit!

    • Riverbreak Magazine

      Stoked to hear that you’ll be there Seal – so many stories and things to be share, keep sharing the stoke you’re our man!

  • seal morgan

    Wait, there’s no other way to sign up but on FaceBlech? You need alternatives here because some of us refuse to deal with Zuckerberg controlling and selling our information…

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