Published on August 4th, 2014 | by Jacob Kelly Quinlan

On Location: Plattling Wave

Check out the first stop on the ”Wave Project Tour” through Europe! On this tour, Riverbreak and Surf Anywhere meet and talk to community leaders about wave projects how to build waves and create a thriving surf community. We are stoked to chat with all the locals, find out the stories and what is actually going on in the different communities.

In this clip, we chatted with Chris Müller at the Plattling Wave (“Plattlinger Welle”), where the local community has been growing since a couple of years. Chris pointed out the positive and open minded atmosphere at the spot — everyone’s welcome and localism is still a far cry from Plattling.

Further downstream, in the city of Passau, a local group of surfers has started a wave initiative that is currently sorting out options for building a wave in one of the three rivers that run through the city. Technical solutions, fishery and legal requirements need to be sorted out, but the local surfers are highly motivated to getting their river wave built.

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Jacob Kelly Quinlan

A founding member of the Surf Anywhere Project, Jacob loves exploring new waves, meeting stoked river surfers, and hopes to make it easier to surf anywhere in the world. Beyond that, Jacob's passion is community and is a pioneer of river surfing culture.

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