Rain Forecast

Sick of rained off river surf missions? The maps below are useful to roughly determine flow rates and water levels for river surf spots that depend on heavy rainfall.

While for most people extreme rainfalls are bad news, river surfers can’t wait for high water to set in at their local rivers. For some spots it takes a few days of consecutive rainfall to actually become surfable. There’s a couple of river waves , e.g. in the European Alps, which only work after longer periods of heavy rain.

EUROPE: Precipitation Forecast

The maps below show precipitation totals for around Europe. The maps are useful for predicting local rainfall patterns and the probability of the formation of river waves that depend on heavy rainfalls.

EUROPE: Current Observed Rainfall

EUROPE: Precipitation Forecast for Tomorrow

EUROPE: Precipitation Forecast for Tomorrow

Check these links for more details about current and estimated rainfall across Europe:

US: Precipitation Forecast

The maps below depict the location, type, and amount of precipitation expected on a given day for the region. The shaded areas depict those locations where precipitation is expected to fall during the forecast period.

The different colors within the shaded regions indicate the type of precipitation expected with green representing rain, and white representing snow. The lighter greens represent lower expected precipitation amounts, while the darker greens represent higher precipitation amounts. Similarly, the grays represent lower expected snowfall amounts, while the brighter whites represent higher expected snowfall totals.

US: Rainfall Estimate 24 Hours

US: Weekly Rainfall Estimate

Check this link for more details about current and estimated rainfall across the US:

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