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Published on April 6th, 2015 | by Börny

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Subiaco Wave

Subiaco wave is located on the Aniene river in Subiaco, Province of Rome. There is a current proposal for the construction of a new and improved stationary river wave in this town — support this project and visit Subiaco sulla cresta dell’onda. This is a real chance for Subiaco to become a hot spot for river surfing in Italy!

Spot Details

Country: Italy, Europe
Nearest town/city: Tivoli
River: Aniene River
Address: Subiaco, Province of Rome in Lazio
Latitude: 41.92428210817115
Longitude: 13.088913752687063

Tivoli Weather Forecast

Spot Location

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Short surf video taken at Subiaco Wave:

Whitewater Sports in Subiaco:

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Börny was forced to surf the river Mur in Graz / Austria for the first time in 2010 (by PhilK) during the time he made a movie called 'murtreiben' about the local riversurfing scene (sounds very similar to PhilK's story). Since then he decided to surf rivers instead of making movies. And now there is Riverbreak!

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