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Published on March 5th, 2016 | by Chiemgau


Chiemgau Wave

The project “Chiemgau Wave” was started in 2015 and aims to build a standing wave for surfing in the very southern part of Germany. The goal is to create a surfable river wave in the Chiemgau part of Bavaria. Chiemgau is situated between lake Chiemsee and the pre-alps, which is an ideal area for river surfing because the rivers are coming straight from the alps.

Landlocked surfing isn’t really known in Chiemgau yet, but the local river surfing community has been growing since 2013, when a group of winter sport enthusiasts were looking for a way to have fun in summer. The search was successful, but one single surf session meant alot of kilometres of travel. Not having to drive all the way to Munich, or even more remote standing waves, would mean less time wasted, and more importantly less fuel wasted. We started with a core group of 5 people and began to search our homelands for spots where a standing wave could be build. Soon we found a already existing wave and the word began to spread. For our first official meeting we expected 10 people to come, in the end 30 people attended and the fire was started.

With the help of Crowdsourcing we collected information on potential river surf spots and now we’re now examining these spots in more detail. One of the most promising spots lays directly in the city of Traunstein, in a water level controlled canal. Right now we’re working on the technical details of this spot and three surrounding spots in the same canal. We already had our first meetings with the city officials. And you know what? They love the idea of surfing in a city!

Find us on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ChiemgauWelle/

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