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Published on October 18th, 2015 | by RB Team

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Lippstadt the “Venice Beach” of Germany

The river surfing community continues to grow in Europe and it so happens that there is an urban wave hidden right in the city center of Lippstadt, Germany. The Lippe River offers constant conditions and works on all tides – unfortunately, the river wave remains unridden.

“We started with the idea to build a river wave earlier this year. Due to the Lippe River flowing right through the city, Lippstadt is also known as the Venice of Westphalia. With the approval of the project we can turn it into the ‘Venice beach’ of Westphalia” says Alexander Lempke, on of the four founders of the Make it Happen Association. “To be honest, we actually started the project for fun and were not expecting to receive such a wide support from surfers around and outside Westphalia. This support encouraged us to found the ‘Make it Happen’ association and take the project to the next level.”

With the approval of the project we can turn it into the ‘Venice beach’ of Westphalia.

At the moment the association is working on a detailed implementation plan to convince the council of Lippstadt that this wave can no longer stay unridden. “Getting this river wave approved, will be another great step for the river surf community in Europe” according to Lempke.

A Call to All River Surfers

To all surfers who are already lucky enough to have their own river waves in town: think about your fellow surfers in Lippstadt, Germany and support the cause! Their chance of having their own wave increases with your support. Like their Facebook page or visit their Website “Venice Beach of Germany”.

Make it Happen

Facebook: www.facebook.com/Lippstädter-Welle-773131649423315/timeline/
Website: www.lippstaedterwelle.com

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Latitude: 51.676153
Longitude: 8.338022

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