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Published on May 12th, 2015 | by PhilB

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Sherbrooke River Wave

The project “Vague à surf au centre-ville” aims to create a river wave for surfers in downtown Sherbrooke in Quebec, Canada. Why not creating a unique international event where pro river surfers, kayakers, wakeboarders and paddleboarders make the show!

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The project team underscores that they have full control on the river, having 3 dams upstream in less than a km, they can create a river wave during the summer when the water is warm and there is nothing exciting on the oceans and the rivers. With Red Bull, Oakley, Go Pro, Billabong and Wave Sports everything is possible in river surfing.

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Phil is a passionate riversurfer based in the capital of urban hydro power, Graz / Austria. He graduated from the International University for Riversurfing (IUR) in 2008 before he got married (to PhilK) in 2009. Instead of children, they gave birth to the probably most awesome riversurfing magazine on the planet: Riverbreak.

  • Corran Addison

    The sad thing is we already built a river wave downtown Sherbrooke. In October of 2007 the wave was complete, there was a water release and we went and “tested” it. It was awesome.

    The city said “thank you, we’re going to study the feasibility of this project now” AND DISASSEMBLED THE WHOLE WAVE AND TOOK THE ROCKS AWAY!

    Can you believe that? We protested of course. “You’ve already built the wave, it works, leave it alone”


    • http://riverbreak.com/ Riverbreak Magazine

      This is so sad, such a missed opportunity. Really hoping that things have changed and that the city is now open for this idea. Let’s keep our fingers crossed for this second try!

  • Risa Shimoda

    Hey Corran, did anyone suggest why they took the rocks away? Were they loose and perceived as a hazard of some (uninformed) sort?

  • Benjamin Bouchard

    that would be amazing ! i’m from Sherbrooke, But I never heard that they built one back in 2007 ! any way the project was select so I hope it will find It Way !

    • http://riverbreak.com/ Riverbreak Magazine

      That’s awesome news. Keeping our fingers crossed for the project!

  • Adam Doubleyou

    have there been any efforts to revive this project?

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