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Elijah Mack Surfing McKenzie River and Elsewhere

Elijah Mack changed the way the world viewed the sport of river surfing. Mack’s deep connection to ocean surfing allowed him to see the future of the sport like no other before him. Ironic he shares the same name as one of the world’s most beloved prophets.

Elijah Mack founded the World River Surfing Association (WRSA) back in 2001.

Here is a video shot in January 2004 that showcases just how far ahead of the curve Mack was. Watch the founder of the World River Surfing Association (WRSA) in action, surfing on the McKenzie River and elsewhere.

Producer: Mike Midlo
Videographer/Editor: Nick Fisher

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  • Roy Ballentine

    This guy is writing the manual of where the waves are? or is he just looking at kayaking/playboating play spots?

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