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Published on January 12th, 2016 | by RB Team

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How To Keep Your Wetsuit Locked Down And In Place: BootieLeash

The BootieLeash stops the wetsuit leg from moving and creeping up the wetsuit bootie heel and calf during the frequent flexing, bending, kicking and twisting of the wetsuit knee. It also prevents water from rushing down the bootie calf.

How It Works

The BootieLeash connects from your wetsuit leg to the wetsuit bootie-heel noose keeping your wetsuit leg locked down and in place. It is comprised of two components:

  1. a polyamide snap hook vertical eye and
  2. a self-fastening Velcro strap.

The BootieLeash assembly can remain attached or disconnected to the bootie-heel noose after each use and also prevents water from being blown up the wetsuit leg. The device should only be used to connect the wetsuit leg to the wetsuit bootie heel noose. It should never be used for any other applications.

The History of BootieLeash

Michael Mednick, inventor of the BootieLeash, started to experiment with solutions to prevent his wetsuit leg from creeping up in the late 60s. Michael initially used duct tape while wearing wool socks under his booties, but due to frozen hands after surfing in ice cold waters of Virginia Beach, and the inability to remove the duct tape from the wetsuit leg this solution wasn’t really satisfying. In the 70s, Michael started to use various types of strings to hold the wetsuit leg down around the bootie calf. The strings, however, had to be tied so tightly that leg circulation was often nearly cut off.

In the 70s, Michael started to use various types of strings to hold the wetsuit leg down around the bootie calf.

In the 2000s, he cut the ankle-wrap portion of a surfing leash off, and tried this technique to secure the wetsuit leg to the bootie calf. Later, in 2012 Michael applied Velcro® straps, but the wetsuit leg creep was still occurring because there was no lock-down mechanism attached to wetsuit bootie from the wetsuit leg.

Then, in 2015, the first prototype BootieLeash was invented using random parts taken off a small folding beach cooler and parts purchased from a local sporting goods stores. This conceptual design, that when tested, performed marvellously and locked the wetsuit leg down and in place stopping the upward movement and creep of the wetsuit leg up the bootie ankle and calf. An innovative and inexpensive wetsuit leg to wetsuit bootie was now in the final conceptual stages that prevented wetsuit leg creep, and movement of the wetsuit leg to the top of the wetsuit bootie heel and calf.

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