Published on February 6th, 2016 | by Börny

Homemade River Wave

Building your own river wave isn’t exactly the easiest thing you could do. In this video, two brothers and a friend show how to create your own river wave by simply dropping a self-made ramp into the river.

Can’t wait till spring to build a bigger one!

This is definitely a promising approach to build a river wave in your backyard. Anyone fancy fine-tuning this idea and giving it a go? Listen to Daniel, one of the wave builders: “We built a river wave in a small river here in northern Sweden this fall, was so stoked that it worked so well! Can’t wait till spring to build a bigger one!”

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Börny was forced to surf the river Mur in Graz / Austria for the first time in 2010 (by PhilK) during the time he made a movie called 'murtreiben' about the local riversurfing scene (sounds very similar to PhilK's story). Since then he decided to surf rivers instead of making movies. And now there is Riverbreak!

  • Benjamin Smith

    This video scares me. The outer rope seems like it’s a foot entrapment waiting to happen.

    • Daniel Risberg

      Definitely worth some thought when building the next one

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