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Do you have the ground-breaking wave construction idea? Can you describe how to fix dings or dongs? Did you successfully repair a snapped or heavily damaged surfboard? Know some tricks? Tell us!

  • macdon

    I am stoked to see the sport growing.
    My partner Seal (Yes; that’s his name), and I regularly made the local news and sports rags surfing Lunch Counter on the Snake River back in the late 80′s and early 90′s. It was sweet, because you could car camp in a hidden little spot where the parking lot is now. I took the attached picture on the day of the TV commercial shoot when Toyota Corporation filmed friends Mike and Tony river surfing the Lunch Counter. I believe it was in 1992, and it was a big deal at the time when the commercial first aired during the Baseball World Series that year.
    Don P.
    Oahu, Hawaii

    • Riverbreak Magazine

      This photo is so stunning — it really shows that river surfing is nothing new and that people have long been surfing waves in river … it’s so stoking, that Toyota had a commercial including river surfing back in the 90s. Would be super fun to see the commercial today! Thanks for the photo Don — this is killing it :) Would love to see more of the history of river surfing from your end … let’s stay in touch!

  • macdon

    I would rather post to your site than dilute and dissipate posts across the many available communities you link to (You have a broader global reach). It is not clear where to do this better than on the “Know Something” tab.

    Webmasters, can you help?

    Don P.

    • Riverbreak Magazine

      Hi Don, great to hear from you … stoked to learn that you like the site we’ve been working so hard on in the last couple of months! We’d love to offer you a possibility to post to our site. Do you have an email so we can get back to you? Or simply email us at CHEERS!

      • Guest

        Aloha RM,

        Perhaps the answer is right in front of me among the tabs or subtabs on your Riverbreak Magazine site, but I find I am struggling to figure it out.
        Email me here:

        And thank you. I really appreciate the prompt response.

        Don Piburn

        • Riverbreak Magazine

          Thanks for your email, Don — Just popped you and email — hope you got it! Chat soon.

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