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The Perfect Artificial Wave That Barrels in Rivers and Wave Pools

Is this the new frontier of artificial waves that could bring river surfing in the X-games or even into the Olympics? Elijah Mack from fresH20 Consulting and Benjamin Nielsen from McLaughlin Whitewater Design Group present the most practical way to create perfect waves for the sport of surfing. Their wave is nothing like the sheet flow or even the deep flow machines — this wave is an actual hydraulic jump.

What Makes this Wave so Special?

The power and speed of the wave is key but what truly makes a stationary wave great is the shape. Everyone has been trying to make the perfect stationary wave in rivers or wave pools. The truth is that the only way to create waves that big, perfect and powerful is to make the perfect wave canal. This new approach makes it possible to scale waves easily from 3ft to several ft in height. From 3ft tall with a soft not very steep wave face to a 12ft tall freight train grinding extremely powerful perfectly round barreling wave. Eli explains that these barreling waves are to river surfing what the North Shore winter waves are to Florida waves. This wave will feel like perfect glassy powerful ocean waves.

River Surfing Versus Ocean Surfing

A perfect barreling wave is still lacking in river surfing. Without this shape river surfing always has a certain feel that is much different than ocean surfing. Only on these perfect thick glassy tubing river waves will you find it hard to feel much difference between this wave and a perfect tubing ocean wave. It is still brand new to the world in a certain sense. The broader goal of the surfing industry is to create new surfers and the only way to do that is to create waves that are rippable.

The Future of Surfing

Eli is not shy when he proudly says that this is the most important video you will ever see concerning the construction of river surfing wave parks as extraordinary economic & cultural center piece to cities around the world. For Eli this is not only the future for river surfing, wave pools or wave machines. It’s the future of surfing.

More on fresH20

Elijah Mack’s fresH20 Consulting is dedicated to innovative concepts, designs, materials and craftsmanship devoted to the advancement of river surfing. You can get in touch with them at their at fresH20 website or simply hit Eli on the phone at #503-754-4764.

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    Revolutionary research at its best

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