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Published on May 14th, 2015 | by RB Team

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Is SUP or Shortboard a Progression from One to the Other?

Some might have wondered if changing from SUP to shortboard on a river wave is something like a natural progression. In the following, Alex Mauer challenges this notion and suggests that both practices of surfing complement one another. He concludes that, at the end of the day “surfing is surfing”.

Living on the front range in Colorado is great. I live between so many great river runs and waves. Most of which are rarely big enough to surf a shortboard. Naturally I started Stand Up Paddling (SUP) because the bigger boards allow you to surf smaller waves. Allowing me to spend more time and a longer season surfing.

Surfing is Surfing

I live near the South Platte River in Littleton, Colorado. I checked the river gauges like I do every morning. The flows were up and a wave called Miracle Wave was in. Which also meant all the waves down river of there were pumping as well.

I loaded up my favourite surfboards, a BIC 6’10″ Dura Tec Fish and BIC 8’6″ surf SUP. After gearing up I raced to the wave with both my boards. I was shredding on my SUP but the wave pocket was a little soft for my shortboard. Kinda bumming me out.

The next day I decided to go on a short board mission down river to a different wave. The flow was up even higher and I was feeling determined! I herd stories that at this flow a wave came in that was really good for a shortboard. I had surfed it on a SUP at lower flow but never caught it at a flood stage flow.

For once rumors were correct! Hawaii 5-O has a great pocket and there is a great lip to bank off on surfer left. I had such a great time. It was great getting back to my roots short boarding.

Like I said surfing is surfing. I don’t feel like SUP or short boarding is a progression of one and other. Both practices of surfing complement one and other. Doing one will make you better at the other.

Video of Alex Mauer Surfing Hawaii 5-0 Wave


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