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Brennan’s Wave

Since 2006 Brennan’s wave has been located in beautiful Missoula, Montana. There are actually two waves located here: Main Brennan’s wave and Middle Brennan’s wave. The waves sit side-by-side in the Clark Fork River, in downtown Missoula. These waves are popular for beginner – expert surfers depending on water levels. Brennan’s is surf-able all year long!

Spot Details

Country: USA
Nearest town/city: Montana
River: Clark Fork River
Address: Milwaukee Trail, Caras Park
Directions: Located downtown near the Higgins St. Bridge next to the Wilma Theatre and Caras Park
Nearest Surfshops: Strongwater MTN Surf Co
Latitude: 46.8687363
Longitude: -113.9973145

Wave Details


At 900 cfs – 3,500 cfs: Middle Brennan’s is a small V-shape wave. It is the local summer wave. It’s great for beginners, but still worth it for experts. Slower moving water & easy swimming make this a great beginner spot.

  • Hazards: Shallow wave, rocks
  • Time of Year: Summer, Fall, Winter
  • Water Temp: Trunks in the summer; 4/3 – 5/4 hooded neoprene in the fall/winter

At 3,500 cfs – 6000 cfs: Main Brennan’s is a nice waist high wave. It takes some practice, but once you figure out how to maintain speed this wave rips. Tricky entry makes this wave more on the expert side. Still fun for beginners to go for it!

  • Hazards: Shallow entry, rocks
  • Time of Year: Spring, Early summer
  • Water Temp: 3/2 – 4/3 neoprene

At 6,000 cfs – 14,000 cfs: Middle Brennan’s is the spot to be. Main Brennan’s is surf-able at these levels, but is flatter & foamier. The middle wave picks up in size and shape at these higher levels. There is an island on surfer’s right that submerges at higher water levels. When this happens it make a nice steep right shoulder, awesome for performance surfing. The wave is located in the middle of the river and can be difficult for beginners to access at these flows. Also requires good swim conditioning.

  • Hazards: Strong current, rocks, logs
  • Time of Year: Spring
  • Water Temp: 4/3 – 5/4 neoprene

At 14,000 cfs – 22,000 cfs: Main & Middle Brennan’s are rip-able. There is even a set of ride-able waves that form behind the Middle Wave above 19,500 cfs. Brennan’s is a surf wave playground at these higher flows. The waves are friendly, but prepare to be in good swimming shape. The water is moving fast at these flows & with less eddies you can be in for a swim.

  • Hazards: Strong current, rocks, brushy banks, and logs coming down from upriver
  • Time of Year: Spring
  • Water temp: 4/3 – 5/4 neoprene


Brennan’s wave is surfable all year round, see water levels above.

Montana Weather Forecast

Today Thursday Friday
It is forcast to be Clear at 7:00 PM MST on February 21, 2018


It is forcast to be Clear at 7:00 PM MST on February 22, 2018


It is forcast to be Partly Cloudy at 7:00 PM MST on February 23, 2018
Partly Cloudy


Spot Location

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River Surfing in Montana, Missoula

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