Published on July 25th, 2017 | by Alex Mauer

Boogie Board River Surfing

We rolled up to Benihana’s Wave at River Run Park (RRP) to play around with some boogie boards trying to stand up and surf those instead of our surfboards. Check out the video above!

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Alex Mauer

When I was 12 my dad gave me a boogie board. He told me to go play in the river next to his apartment. I have been playing in the water and helping pioneer the river surfing scene in Colorado ever since. I have a bucket list of waves I want to surf around the world! I love to play in the water and will try and surf anything! Surfing is surfing no matter what you are riding, short board, long board, SUP, boogie board, pool toys, lunch trays ... you name it I will try and surf it!

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