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Published on June 16th, 2013 | by PhilK

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What is River Surfing?

Definition: River surfing is the sport of surfing either standing waves or tidal bores in rivers.

River surfing is the sport of surfing either standing waves or tidal bores in rivers. It’s related to ocean surfing but surfboards are usually thicker and wider, similar to fish surfboards. In contrast to ocean waves, the force of the river’s current is used to keep afloat and ride the wave.

Standing waves

In this type of river surfing, the wave is stationary on the river, caused by a high volume of water constricted by flowing over a rock and creating a wave behind. A river surfer can face up-stream and catch this wave and have the feeling of traveling fast over water while not actually moving.

Tidal waves

Tidal bores occur in areas with a large tidal range (typically more than 6 metres (20 ft) between high and low water), and where incoming tides are funnelled into a shallow, narrowing river via a broad bay.

While tidal bores are few and far apart, standing waves are very common in rivers around the world. Chances are, there is a known spot somewhere near you. If you feel like this is something you might want to try, check out the next article: The Very Basics of River Surfing

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Phil was forced to surf the river Mur in Graz / Austria for the first time in 2009 (by PhilB). It was love at first sight. Later they got married. Things have been going downhill ever since. But now Riverbreak has arrived!

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