Published on April 18th, 2013 | by PhilB

Riversurf Tricks in Slow Motion

Get your eyes on a few slow motion tricks in this clip that features all sorts of 360s. The slow motion is particularly helpful to better understand how these tricks work.

This clip was produced by Matze (Surf-Devil) and Nico (Surf’n'Style).

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Phil is a passionate riversurfer based in the capital of urban hydro power, Graz / Austria. He graduated from the International University for Riversurfing (IUR) in 2008 before he got married (to PhilK) in 2009. Instead of children, they gave birth to the probably most awesome riversurfing magazine on the planet: Riverbreak.

  • Carson King

    This is pretty much the greatest thing ever seeing it slowed down. I would love to see the board specs and fin set ups that these guys are riding.
    Thnx guys!

    • Riverbreak Magazine

      Hey Carson, Driftwood fins are pretty popular since a few years. These fins have been developed by a couple of innovative german river surfers and are tailored to the specific needs of river surfers. Two outer fins and a smaller center fin is a common set up, also great for spins and airs. Check out more here: Unfortunately, the site is in german only, but feel free to check back if you need more details on the fins. ALOHA!

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