Published on March 2nd, 2014 | by RB Team

An Artificial Wave Powered by Human Muscle and Gravity

This is a prototype surf pool where waves are created solely by human energy. The project is now seeking for financial support … so far, $70 000 AU were invested to get to this stage, another 26k to produce a 20 meter waist-high barrel.

This wave pool is incomplete at only half of its intended length and this video was created to attract Indonesian investors for its completion. The location is Sukabumi city, West Java, Indonesia.

Here’s a second video as viewed from the front

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  • Rob

    Attach a windmill and call it good!

  • Jacob Kelly

    This is an amazing innovation! Using electric pumps for wave pool technology is far from sustainable and a weird fit with surfing lifestyle. It is our duty as surfers to take care of the world that provides us with waves. This tech needs to be supported so it can replace the current methods!!! Stoked to see the barrels!

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