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Eisbach E1

The Eisbach Wave 1 (also known as Eisbach E1) is probably the world’s most famous river wave. The Eisbach – literally “ice brook” – sits in the middle of Munich at the English Garden, the largest urban park in the world. Just a few hundred meters downstream, less advanced surfers find the smaller wave E2.

Compared to her sister spot the Floßlände Wave in the burbs, the Eisbach Wave 1 is meaner, trickier and better left to more experienced surfers. While the Floßlände Wave is a summer break, the Eisbach E1 is surfed year-round. Only the winter chill and flow diversions by the city sometimes put a break on the popular wave. The Eisbach Wave in Munich has gained much popularity after the 2011 movie Keep Surfing by Björn Richie Loeb.

Spot Details


  • English Garden, Munich, Germany


  • Near the crossing Prinzregentenstraße/Bruderstraße — at the south end of the park, next to the modern art museum.


  • Eisbach

Nearest City

  • Munich

Nearest Surf Shops

GPS Coords

  • Latitude: 48.143453
  • Longitude: 11.587719

How to Get There

Wave Details


  • For skilled surfers, the Eisbach is surfable pretty much year-round.


  • Only for experienced surfers.


  • Concrete baffles behind the wave can break your neck.
  • Fast current in combination with rocky river sides pose a threat to your board and/or head.


  • If you’re a very experienced surfer, be nice and humble to the locals, especially on crowded sunny days or weekends.
  • Be prepared for a long line-up along the riverbank.
  • Entering the wave: throw the board in front of you and use the momentum.
  • If you’re a beginner just forget it.

Current Conditions

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