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Murbreak is a local surf federation in Graz / Austria founded in 1999 by Peter Bartl, Reini Urban and other local surfers. There are approximately 100 members at the moment. Paying members also get discount rates at one of the two local surf shops in Graz.

Protecting River Waves in Graz

Because of a planned hydro power plant near the city of Graz the main wave “Radetzky” and possibly also the “Hauptbrücke” and “Bowl” waves may disappear after the year 2015. Murbreak is in negotiation with the local energy company in order to get a replacement wave if the power station will be built. Whether it will be built or not is a steady debate here in the city of Graz and will be decided soon.

Murbreak’s Objectives

  1. Maintaining surfable waves in Graz.
  2. Point of contact for people interested in surfing the river.
  3. Events, gatherings and contests.

The Board as of 2013

  • Paul Sorger
  • Wolfgang Taucher
  • Peter Bartl

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Being a board enthusiast in his spare time, he earns his living as an independent consultant and software developer. One day he met TomKa, whom he saw surfing on the river, and from that day on things went from normal to madness! He became a passionate river surfer and has been involved in recent wave building projects.

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